St. Andrew's is a Nut Free School

People who suffer from nut allergies can develop a severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction. If someone has a nut allergy it is not just eating nuts that can cause a severe reaction, just being touched on the skin or smelling the breath of someone who has had nuts or a product containing nuts can trigger anaphylactic shock (which can cause breathing and swallowing difficulties).

We have a number of children and staff with severe nut allergies and as a result we cannot have nuts in school in any form.

Please do not send in nuts or products that contain nuts in packed lunches. For example:

  • Peanut butter sandwiches
  • Chocolate spreads
  • Cereal bars 
  • Cakes that contain nuts
  • Biscuits / Cookies that contain nuts
  • Peanut butter cakes
  • Some Asian food, including satay sauces that contain nuts

This list is not exhaustive, so please check the packaging of products closely. We do appreciate your support and know that you understand the importance of keeping everyone in our school community safe.