Welcome back!!

We hope you have all had a great holiday and look forward to seeing you for the start of term.

Some important information:

Term starts on Wednesday September 3rd for all children at 8.50. (School does not start at 9.00)

Classrooms will be open as usual from 8.40.

The new class 5 (Miss Chan's new class) will be temporarily in the brand new classroom nearest the road. Entry and exit for this class and the new Year 3 will be through the door at the front of school near the hall.

The new Year 4 children will still be in their old portakabin classroom until half term, when we hope to move them to the new building.

The following classes will exit onto the rear playground: Reception M(oss), Years 1, 2, 4 and 6. The rear playground is also the best way of entering these classes.

The Nursery and Reception T(homas) will enter and exit at the front of school.

We all look forward to another exciting year at St. Andrew's! 

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